Welcome to our Journal

Welcome to our website. We have come a long way since Peter Hall sat down with a drawing board, graph paper, pencil, ruler and rubber to design a piece of furniture. That was nearly forty years ago!

Times have changed and we have developed but our principles remain strongly rooted in the quality that comes from traditional methods.The business now contains, furniture, upholstery, restoration and wood turning, to provide you with a complete collection of services at your disposal.Our aim is and always will be ‘to create beautiful designs in partnership with our clients’.There is nothing quite as special as having something made for you; be involved in its’ creation and watch it become reality.  With over 100 years of combined expertise, we are committed to working with our customers and providing the best experience, to create something extraordinary, wonderful and beautiful, which is made to such a high standard that you and generations to come can enjoy.We would be delighted for you to join us as we explore and showcase the successes and unique experiences at Peter Hall & Son.  This is the beginning of our journal. Follow us.

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