Wood Turning

The Leaves are Turning

The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. As the long summer finally dwindles, the mornings are turning colder and the leaves change colour signalling the coming of autumn. It is a season of fascinating change. As spring brings rich vibrant greens to the landscape, so autumn brings such wonderful surprises that can’t help but draw our attention to the details of nature.

Ian is our wood turner and although still an apprentice, could be the most skilled wood turner we have ever employed. He loves to get creative and is always full of surprises with what he can deliver from our wood turning workshop.

This passion for his work and inspiration from what he sees around him has lead him to create some exceptional pieces. With autumn in mind, Ian has carved some exquisite leaves from our highly figured Burr Elm using his turning skills.

His typical enthusiasm spurred him to start big! Choosing his piece from a giant Burr Elm tree we have had awaiting this purpose for some years, Ian has hand carved the form of a curled leaf. Many hours of exhausting carving, chiselling away deep into the structure he has made his form.

By leaving the outside the natural knurled bark he has achieved a wonderful contrast between this and the polished inside. A smooth finish exaggerates the deep brown and orange colours that you can’t help but reach out and run your fingers over.

In complete contrast to the inside, the rough bark has been left, a natural edge, rich and weathered with the hundred years or so of it’s growth. The many seasons and fallen leaves left exposed and revealed in the story of this incredible piece.

Measuring 84cm x 70cm and standing 20 cm high, this piece is ideal to be framed by the walls of a larger space. A show stopper by all means, it will undoubtedly evoke the joys of nature with every interaction.


Inspired by the success of the first leaf, Ian has just completed the sculpting of a smaller leaf again in Burr Elm.

Smaller in size and simply beautiful, this leaf has been hand carved all round to leave a thin dish like form that again one can’t help to pick up. It has been a delicate procedure to carve the stylized leaf form, so as to get it thin but without it breaking.

Many coats of Danish oil have been applied and burnished off by hand, enriching the figure of the wood and creating a luxuriously smooth and shiny finish. Doing it this way makes for a real clarity, shine and depth. Several coats of clear wax are then applied to complete the polishing and help fix the gloss.

Measuring 40cm x 27cm and 12cm at its highest point, this unique sculpture is available to purchase today.

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