It’s just not cricket

It is the season for cricket, and coincidently we have received two orders with a cricket theme.

The first is a cricket table, aptly named for having three legs like the three stumps at each end of the cricket pitch. Well at least that would make sense anyway, although these three legged tables are reported to date back to before the Jacobites.  Nonetheless, these are a quintessentially english piece of furniture, ideal for a stable surface on uneven floors in which to place your platter of cucumber sandwiches whist watching England win the Ashes.

bookcase 2

Made from oak which has been fumed to darken the wood, this more contemporary design does away with the shelf found between the legs of traditional cricket tables, to makes for a visually more lightweight and elegant aesthetic.

The second cricket related commission is for a collector of Wisden Almanacks. These are journals with the records of all matches that have occurred annually, and has run, uninterrupted since their founding in 1864, making them the longest running sports journal. To have a full set of these journals is both very rare and valuable.  For our customer it therefore seemed right that they should have a suitable shelf.

In this case, we were asked to make a book case to match and sit on top of an existing book case in Mahogany.  We were sent pictures of the original and were pleased to see that the match of colour is as expected.

Before its all ‘over’, better call for bad light…


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