Goldsmiths Somerset House Exhibition

Designed specifically for The Goldsmiths’ Company Pavilion Exhibition at Somerset House in London we have designed a beautiful chest of drawers.  We wanted to really show both our level of design and the lengths we go to to get the very best quality. We are very proud of the outcome.

A few months ago we were contacted by The Goldsmiths Company inviting us to an exhibit in a show at Somerset House, near Waterloo Bridge in London for specific designers that have received a Guild Mark of excellence for their work.  The exhibition is open to the public between the 26th – 29th of June and is a celebration of craftsmanship.  Tickets are available at the admission desk.

The Goldsmiths CompanyThe Goldsmiths Company has been given a Royal Charter and represent and celebrate the mark of quality in the craft industry including Jewellery, Silverware and Furniture. Designers and makers of the very best quality that put their work forward for assessment are awarded a Guild Mark, which is like a Michelin Star for craft.

We had collected a Guild Mark award for a bespoke, marquetry corner cupboard made from burr walnut and ripple sycamore back in 2004, one of two to receive the award that year.



Aira Chest of Drawers

Inspired by the famous waterfall above Ullswater in the Lake District, we wanted to explore how we could combine the fluidity of the ‘waterfall’ with the volume needed for a chest of drawers.

Aira Chest of Drawers

The flowing water of the top becomes the main feature, leading down the front face becoming the handles and spilling onto the floor as the supporting front leg.

Our experience of traditional woodworking methods is paramount in the making of our designs, providing the strength that brings longevity to our work.  This intimate understanding of the material however allows us to push our designs further than others dare.  Here we have moved the legs away from the traditional corners, blending and tapering them into the side.  The wood here has been chosen to give the closest match.


Aira Chest of Drawers

We know that it is the attention to detail that can make a piece not only stunning visually, but also a joy to use for years to come.

The side of this drawer has been laminated from veneers cut from a single piece of wood and formed over a curved mould. This ensures not only that the grain follows through the wood uninterrupted, but that the wood will never warp and the drawer will always close as smoothly as when it was first made.

The front face has been hand planed from a solid piece of ripple sycamore to perfectly match the shape of the double curving body.

Aira Chest of Drawers

The ‘waterfall’ acts as the drawer handles for the drawers. Fitted to the drawer fronts using dovetails provides ultimate strength and longevity, but also visually beautiful with every opening.

Aira Chest of Drawers

The entire exterior of the Aira Chest of Drawers has been made from specially selected ripple sycamore, finished with oil and wax to bring out the best of the glowing grain.

The top has been carved from a single piece of this stunning hardwood to emphasise the flowing continuity of the design.

Aira Chest of Drawers

To experience this unique and stunning piece visit the exhibition down in London at Somerset House.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks to Dave Ward for providing exemplary photographs. Go to Dave’s site

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