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Demilune Twins

For us, the demilune is a jewel of the furniture world. Its petite proportions and functional simplicity demand high expectations for detail.

The demilune console table is named so because it is the shape of a crescent half moon. First popular in the 18th Century, the demilune is a versatile piece, ideal for complimenting other interior furniture and decor and perfect for smaller spaces, such as hallways. Inspired by the forms of the historic originals, our designs give an air of timeless simplicity and great refinement.


Burr Walnut Demilune

Both these pieces represent the skill of their craftsmanship, with curved rails and drawer, shaped from solid timber. The drawer is exceptionally put together with traditional, hand cut dovetails.

The edges are framed with darker walnut beading and handle, inset, spilling out of the front and continuing the flow of the piece.

The handle harks back to Peter Hall’s original designs and has been enhanced with an inlaid line of boxwood. This white line also adds definition to the top.

Swirling, burr walnut veneer is used for the top of this piece. Each segment is book matched and cut to fit seamlessly with the next, to give a beautiful mirrored pattern

One dark, the other light. Twins, but in reflection.


Ripple Olive Ash Demilune


This twin demilune is made with ripple olive ash. The legs and top particularly, seem to shimmer like silk.

Here, rosewood forms the distinctive, dark detailing that sets off the different elements. Again the inlaid line of the drawer front, flows through the handle and adds that little extra impact to the top.

Both of these are available now and can be viewed in our Showroom in Staveley.

For more details, please do enquire.

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