Neil Pinkett – C to C Exhibition

Neil Pinkett: Cornish Artist – Cumbrian Paintings

In the spring of 2013, just after the heavy snowfalls of a particularly harsh winter, Neil Pinkett undertook an artist’s residency at Brantwood, the former home of John Ruskin in the Lake District which overlooks Coniston Water.

Whilst exploring the area in and around his residency, Neil has managed to capture the mood, light and atmosphere that is true to the Lakes. His thick paintily style bring to life the texture and movement that others often miss from this beautiful, yet wild and weather beaten landscape.

Nest of Tables

Nest of Tables

Will Hall

We were pleased to be asked to design a nest of tables to replace a set of veneered mahogany tables that our customers already owned. After some discussion, we gained the insight that these tables were regularly used and moved from their ‘home’ postion to be used around their living room space. After consideration of wood choices and understanding their style choices, we set to coming up with ideas. We were most inspired by the concept of motion; the transfer of each table from A to B, shifting the furniture, changing the living space to suit the situation. We wanted to focus on this interaction in our design process.