Our Bespoke Furniture Service

Furniture that embodies your individuality.

Created with distinction to enrich your home and provide a piece of art to enjoy every day

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The Bespoke Service at Peter Hall & Son is so much more than custom made. It begins with your thoughts and ideas. From this, we work with you to form a concept, a design and finally a work of art. Our expert team will help you to realise your ideas and create something that is truly unique. This is functional sculpture over a basic commodity. Furniture that becomes a form of art, is affective in far more ways than the sheer fulfilment of physical needs. 

Established in 1972 by Peter Hall, within the beautiful Lake District. We are passionate about furniture making and take pride in the exceptional quality of both our design and handmade manufacturing. We believe that our bespoke furniture will be a lasting legacy and take great pleasure in designing beautiful pieces of furniture, sourcing wood that tells a story and hand-crafting the finest pieces of furniture that will endure the test of time and last for generations.

Is the Bespoke Group for you?

We will send everything you need to know about our bespoke design service and keep you inspired with our exciting bespoke projects.

Does your home reflect your personality?

Your home is your curated space and the items you put in it are the embodiment of your tastes and values. Not only that, but it is the stage for your everyday life.  As you progress through life, you gain experiences that influence your tastes and build your unique character.  Your character is built over a lifetime let us help to express it.

Does your furniture enrich your life?

Furniture can play a really powerful role in creating and influencing your experience of life.  Our designs aim to enhance your space and enrich your life. The attention to detail right through the design process and by our team of exceptional makers creates a fulfilling, sensory and emotive experience.

Who is our Bespoke Furniture Service for?

The individual. This is not furniture that you will find anywhere else. This is not ready-made furniture with ‘add-ons’. Our bespoke furniture service combines thoughtful design with honest materials and expertise. Designed to reflect your individuality, your home and created in partnership with you.

Why do I need a bespoke furniture service?

We create furniture that is fine-tuned to fit into your interior space.
Whether you are extending your property, renovating a house, or looking to fill a particular space within your home, we work with you to design and make a piece that reflects your tastes and values.

How does Peter Hall & Son compare to other bespoke furniture services?

Most furniture today is made in large factories and designed with the fastest manufacturing technology in mind for mass production and cheap costs. Often, companies offer a bespoke alternative. However, the term bespoke is commonly used in conjunction with customisation - and the outcome is often modular.

At Peter Hall & Son we offer original design together with expert furniture making.
We do not underestimate the important combination of designer and maker. It is the combination of designer and maker - the designer listening and working with the client, coming up with creative solutions and ideas. The expert cabinet making and upholstery teams are working together in-house so we can ensure the highest quality.

Why do design consultations make a difference?

Good design creates meaningful first impressions. It is important that your experience through the whole process is superior and the key to a compelling experience is great design.
During the design consultation we make sure we get to know you before we start designing.
We help make it easy by defining your ideas, solving any problems and providing options and concepts to choose from. We create something that is unique that truly reflects your tastes, experiences and values. This is a dynamic process and can start with the simplest of ideas. Our expertise in furniture design will ensure your piece is refined and considered to the finest detail before it even enters the workshop.

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