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Bud Vases


Number Sold: 25


As seen in Cumbria Life

The Bud Vases is inspired by the rudimentary inflorescence of a blossoming bud. The contrasting wooden stripe reflects the physiology and structure of a bud as it begins to split open and burst into flower.

Each vase is turned by hand and boasts six variations of natural wood colours. Some of these use tropical woods, which are limited editions. Such as the dark Rosewood, pinkish-orange Bubinga and the bright red Padauk designs.

All of our tropical woods, such as Padauk and Rosewood, are sustainably sourced. These beautiful coloured woods are much sought after in furniture making as they are unlike anything we grow in the UK. At Peter Hall & Son we pride ourselves on being sustainable and ensure every little piece of wood is used. During the furniture making process there is always waste leftover.

With these pieces, we create sculptural home accessories for our customers rather than create more firewood.

Dimensions Tall Vase: Height 9.5 cm x Diameter 6 cm

Dimensions Short Vase: Height 10.5 cm x diameter 6 cm


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