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Handturned Cufflinks, Plain


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These Handturned Cufflinks, Plain come in a variety of incredibly beautiful and rare woods. We have plain cufflinks that are stunningly simplistic or inlaid for a more artistic feel. Packaged in a grey gift box, they are sure to make the perfect gift for any special occasion.

Choose from Rosewood, a dark chocolate-like wood. Padauk, warm reddish wood, Purpleheart, a brown-purple and Bog Oak, very old and rare wood, which is almost black in colour.

All of our tropical woods, such as Padauk and Rosewood, are sustainably sourced. These beautiful coloured woods are much sought after in furniture making as they are unlike anything we grow in the UK. At Peter Hall & Son we pride ourselves on being sustainable and ensure every little piece of wood is used. During the furniture making process there is always waste leftover.

Dimensions: Length 2 cm x Width Front 1.5 cm x Width Back 1 cm.
Available inlaid.


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