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Miniature Greenhouse Ornament


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This Miniature Greenhouse Ornament is intricately made by hand from paper and placed inside a dome on a metal base. This design has a small and detailed greenhouse alarmingly overgrown with all manner of plants and foliage. The perfect gift for your green-fingered friend, or perhaps the friend that wishes they were a little more on top of their garden.

These are a beautiful idea for a small Christmas gift. Especially for those, we can not share our homes and gardens with, this year. What better way to express how much you would love to see loved ones than by sending a miniature garden greenhouse with a loving Christmas card or note.

Every box or dome is beautifully handcrafted, making each one unique. The Artist illustrate and design templates, which then cut, using a laser-cutting machine for bulk cutting but sometimes cut by hand when the design requires it. She uses high quality, recycled paper for her designs, and wooden boxes are hand made by a lovely man called David Parkinson who lives in Wales. She’s working to make her products as environmentally sound and sustainable as possible. The packaging is all reused and recycled from other retailers.

All designs are handmade by My Papercut Forest in Brighton, UK.

Design: Green House.

Dimensions: W 2.5 cm x H 3.8 cm.

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