The Great British Bee

Spiced Pomegranate Jar Candle


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The Spiced Pomegranate Jar Candle is a rich, perfumed scent of pomegranate is blended with notes of warm, aromatic spices. Combined with 100% natural plant wax and poured into recycled amber glass jars. The amber glass casts a warm glow when lit to add a relaxing ambience to the room or garden.

The Great British Bee Company handcraft environmentally considerate products that support British honey bees. The ingredients used for their beautifully scented candles are harvested from their own hives together with produce grown from the British countryside. We currently stock the Pharmacy jar candles. Each scent has a warmth and familiarity. The blend of ingredients are exquisite and they are the perfect small gift to bring joy to someone’s home.

Burn time: 30-40 hours

Candle size: 120 ml

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