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Rothay Armchair


The Rothay Armchair is a wooden lounge chair with a cushioned seat.

1 in stock (can be backordered)

This Rothay Armchair is an elegant accent chair in Ripple Sycamore that fits perfectly in any living space. The focus for the design is the experience, which when you sit in this chair is one of space and mindfulness. The personal space it creates around you makes it a comfortable refuge for reading and relaxing. The firm seat is sprung and traditionally upholstered with horsehair making it very comfortable and long-lasting.

Covered in Abraham Moon 100% British wool fabric.

Dimensions: Overall width when looking from the front is 99 cm
Overall height is 76 cms, or 30″
Overall depth is 80 cms or 31.5″

Height of the seat is 40 cms or 16 ”
Inside width is 55 cms or 21.5″
Inside depth is 55 cms or 21.5″

This item can be made bespoke. If you want something more befitting your space and style, please contact our design team to discuss your individual specifications.

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