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Oak and Rosewood Bench

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The Oak and Rosewood Bench is a handmade wooden chair.

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This Handmade Oak and Rosewood Bench is a practical yet stylish piece that is appreciated both for its sculptural beauty and practicality. The base of the Oak and Rosewood Bench is made with laminated U-shaped support rails and tapered legs. An unusual design that celebrates the craftsmanship involved in its making. It encompasses a bit of luxury with a Rosewood inlaid line that runs down the centre of the flat-topped seat and carries one through the base.

This piece is also multifunctional, which is very useful in some spaces. The dimensions and flat top lend itself to use as a coffee table. However, the Oak and Rosewood Bench is incredibly strong, which is why it can be used as seating.

Laminates feature a 3mm line of contrasting Rosewood.

Dimension: Height 47cm x Length 105cm x Depth 39.5 cm

This is our prototype and the first-ever made. We plan to make a small batch in the Spring/Summer so that you have something amazing to look forward to. However, If you can not wait and would you love to own this incredible furniture creation then you can have it.

The Oak and Rosewood Bench will retail at £2450. Please let us know if you would like to be on our waiting list by sending us an enquiry form through our ‘Contact us’ page.

If you would like to buy the first-ever made of this design then you can have it with the current discount of 25% off

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