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Panelled Settee


The Panelled Settee is a handmade sofa with padded cushions.

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The Panelled Settee was originally commissioned by a customer of ours. The Art’s Crafts movement is a particular favourite period for the customer who inspired this panelled settee. Construction is honest and favours the beauty of natural materials over beauty via excessive ornamentation. A philosophy that we follow here at Peter Hall & Son.

The brief was to design a settee inspired by the Arts & Crafts with comfortable but non-slouchy seats. Oak was the obvious choice for the panelled settee. During the Arts & Crafts movement, it was often preferred for showcasing the patina of the wood.  The panels of burr wood have a natural swirling pattern and are set within the curved oak frame. Each panel is outlined in rosewood to frame the burr wood panels and create contrast between the woods.

This Panelled settee has Burr Elm panels but the original was done in Burr Oak. Options for wood type are available.

If you are in love with this style then we are making custom versions for customers that would love this settee in their home. Right now in our Boutique in Windermere, we have a panelled settee in the window.

Price based on the pictured model. 2.5 seater

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