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Bog Oak Bow-Fronted Chest of Drawers


The Bog Oak Bow-Fronted Chest of Drawers is a set of wooden bedroom drawers.

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Approximately dated from 5000 BC, the bog oak used for this extraordinary piece of furniture is truly special. Oak that has been buried in peat bogs sometimes is preserved from rotting by the acidic and anaerobic conditions of the bog. The wood becomes petrified, almost fossilised through this very slow process which can take thousands of years. Older wood, such as the wood we have used here, is almost completely black yet possesses rich variations in hue characteristic of ‘live’ wood. This very rare bog oak is locally sourced from Garstang and has been featured beautifully with natural oak. The contrasting tones create a work of art, which showcases the wood at it’s best. The drawers are bow fronted with bog oak handles and a sophisticated inlay which frames each drawer perfectly. 


Dimensions: Depth 51cm x  Width 102 cm x Height 89 cm

The material for this particular item is a one-off. Though the shape and design can be made bespoke. If you want something more befitting your space and style, please contact our design team to discuss your individual specifications.


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