Bottle Vase Grey


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The Bottle Vase Grey is a beautiful vase from the Swedish brand Lindform. All of their ceramics are inspired by the natural and organic forms of the Scandinavian countryside. The subtle and muted hues used in the finished product are designed to bring harmony and visual interest to your home. Soothing shapes form fluid structures in these beautifully crafted vases. We suggest arranging two or three together with a single flower stem in each.
This delicate round vase and the narrow stem look great with a dried sprig. soft grey stripes go all around the matt white surface.

Material: Porcelain clay

Dimensions: Height 11 cm

The products are handmade of high quality and every piece unique in itself. Design, pattern and colour may therefore vary.
All products are dishwasher safe. Clay is a porous material. Lindform recommends users/customers be extra careful when placing a product on a surface that is sensitive to moisture.

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