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Suitable for natural woods and veneers, our beeswax furniture polish does not contain silicones, propellant gases or synthetic solvents. Silicones cause blooming on natural wood, whilst propellant gases and synthetic solvents are bad for the environment.  Our beeswax polish will help restore beauty to furniture from the past, whilst caring for, feeding, protecting and enhancing natural woods and veneers of today. We believe our ancestors knew more about caring for natural wood than modern chemists. So, we use an original, traditional 19th century Victorian recipe that was rediscovered in 1979 by Adrian Perkins, the Founder of Cambridge Traditional Products. To this day, we faithfully follow that original recipe, using natural ingredients – mainly natural beeswax and natural turpentine.Turpentine is a natural solvent, made from distilled pine sap, whilst white spirit is a man made synthetic chemical solvent and an artificial turpentine substitute. Our turpentine is tapped from organic gum trees without harming them. This natural turpentine is what feeds your wood, helping to maintain better quality results, over and above comparative white spirit based furniture polish. White spirit evaporates more quickly, drying out wood instead of feeding it.In addition our beeswax furniture polish is a cream rather than a paste. Using natural turpentine and a cream polish has the following benefits:

Needs less elbow grease

Does not produce unsightly build up, which gets caught in nooks and crannies, and sets like concrete

A little goes a long way – our cream based beeswax polish is cheaper in the long run, when compared to pastes and aerosols

Our beeswax polish does not contain toxic and allergenic toluene

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