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Raw finish sycamore bowl


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This good-sized sycamore bowl is a tall and elegantly designed bowl which sits on a round base. The top has an unusual cut-out detail that scoops down and away from the edge of the bowl, which frames the smooth surface and wood grain beautifully.

With this bowl, we have taken the time to sand and smooth the wood fibres evenly and left it with a natural and raw finish. Giving it a modern rustic appearance. Finished in lemon oil, this ensures that the bowl is food safe. The grain detail is noteworthy on this bowl as it circles, evenly and satisfyingly, down into the bottom of the bowl. Ideal size and shape for serving rice or potato salads as part of a family meal. The minimal finish on the wood means it builds up a natural patina over time from general use. This is one of the wonderful features of crafting products from wood. The wood develops and changes in colour over the years.

All of our bowls are hand-turned but we take pride in making them extra special. We take the time to ensure the shape is smooth and even throughout to create a refined piece with attention to fine details. Each bowl is turned by working with the wood. It’s features and imperfections lead to slight differences meaning there are never two exactly alike. It is the turners eye that defines the form. That human element. The artist.

” We try to make beautiful flowing shapes that are lovely to look at and we put care and attention into the way they are finished.” Sarah, Wood Turner at Peter Hall & Son


Approximate Dimensions: Diameter 23 xm x Height 12.5 cm

Not dishwasher proof

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