Bespoke Furniture Services

Bespoke means it is designed just for you

The process starts with an idea

An idea...

The process of creating a bespoke piece of furniture starts with a moment of inspiration. This idea can be very simple. It may be an idea you have for something to fill a particular space. It may be a shape or style you like and want to incorporate into something special.

Most clients come to us with an idea and we take it from there.



The next stage is probably the most important. This is where we take the time to get to know you and your desires for your piece of furniture. We ask you questions and work together through a process, which gets to the heart of what would truly work best for you.

By the end of our discussion, we should have a clear understanding of what we are trying to achieve and a specification for your design.


Once we have created the design brief, we begin to conceptualise your piece. This often starts with sketches on paper and quickly develops into virtual scale models. With the aid of CAD, we are able to produce realistic and highly detailed visual representations. Additionally, we provide real material samples for you to consider, which we can then use as a render for your CAD drawings.

During consultations, These visual renders give us the opportunity to discuss and refine the design as we go along. The drawings can be adjusted swiftly to allow us to be very creative and explore plenty of options.

sideboard_render Sideboard Computer Model
sideboard_2 Sideboard Complete
box_render Box design
box_workshop Box in creation
box_complete Box at completion

The design of your piece is representative of your individuality together with Peter Hall & Son's expert craftsmanship and design. We will produce for you a highly considered work of art, full of feeling and deserving of your home. To learn more about Our Bespoke Furniture Service, become a member of the Bespoke Club and receive news, stories and exclusive offers.

Specialist furniture workshops

We have four teams of specialist craftsmen and women all working together in-house so we can ensure the highest quality.
Utilising furniture designers, cabinet making, upholstery, woodturning and restoration together means we offer a complete and seamless service, which produce exceptional quality furniture.



When we make bespoke, we are creating something new and unique. Our furniture is handmade to enable creativity and true craftsmanship. Every piece is made with scrupulous care, trueness and precision.

The quality and honesty of our work is our brand and our legacy.


As bespoke furniture makers, we are open to a range of materials to suit the brief but predominantly work in wood.
We source trees locally and oversee the sawing of these at a local, family-run sawmill to get the best out of the timber. Our timber is then staked and seasoned for several years before it is ready to use in our furniture. By using timber from a single tree we can ensure the consistency and quality of the outcome.


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