Peter Hall & Son   Est. 1972

48 Years of furniture heritage and a passion for design, Peter Hall & Son are the benchmark of quality craftsmanship


Our bespoke furniture service brings together the expertise of each of our specialist departments in Staveley, Cumbria. They ensure that your every requirement is catered for. The design and making are done in-house with the highest quality outcome and integrity of service. To learn more about Our Bespoke Furniture Service, become a member of the Bespoke Club and receive news, stories and exclusive offers.


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By choosing Peter Hall & Son you open the options up with a huge range of expertese at your fingertips.  We work closely with you on the design to ensure it is perfectly individual, then we make it in our workshops by hand to exacting standards to ensure it is beautifully created to be enjoyed for generations.

We bring together bespoke design, fine furniture cabinet making and upholstery all in-house, enabling us to create your piece with the highest quality and smoothest service.

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