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Trusted for generations with the care of antique furniture and beloved possessions from Ercol to Chippendale.

Restoration & Conservation

Peter Hall & Son are highly experienced in antique furniture restoration and conservation. Since 1979 we have worked on many thousands of pieces from Cumbria and further afield, ranging from internationally important panelled rooms to the humblest of chairs. We have been retained by The National Trust and other nationally recognised heritage organisations, as well as private individuals, to care for their most precious pieces of furniture.

Cumbria's Finest Furniture Restorers

Our furniture restoration services focus on two areas of specialism:

Conservation has been described as actions aimed at the safeguarding of cultural property for the future. A conservator is concerned with stabilizing, maintaining and preserving the integrity of the furniture, without adversely altering its appearance.

Restoration often involves aspects of conservation and visa-versa; however restoration includes making changes to the piece of furniture, perhaps to return the object to its former appearance. This can also include making changes to ensure the furniture can perform its original function, i.e. re-gluing the loose joints in a chair to make it more stable.

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Take a look at our work at the National Trust’s Wray Castle:

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Our Services

By choosing Peter Hall & Son you open the options up with a huge range of expertese at your fingertips.  We work closely with you on the design to ensure it is perfectly individual, then we make it in our workshops by hand to exacting standards to ensure it is beautifully created to be enjoyed for generations.

We bring together bespoke design, fine furniture cabinet making and upholstery all in-house, enabling us to create your piece with the highest quality and smoothest service.

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