Woodturning & Sculpture Workshop

Our Woodturning Workshop Is Where Art Is Made

Beautiful Handmade Creations From The Soul

Every One Unique

From woodturning, our creations whether functional or sculptural, are all uniquely and individually handmade. We believe that this slow and careful process adds another quality to each piece that can be deeply felt both physically and emotionally.

Peter Hall & Son Unique Woodturning Creation
Peter Hall & Son Functional Woodturning Creation

Functional Art

Our accessories, such as our rolling pins and lamp bases, are all handmade with the same care as our wooden vases and ornaments.  We make sure that our wooden accessories are practical as well as beautiful and that the experience of every use is enhanced by the care with which it was made.

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Peter Hall & Son Woodturning Wood

Meet Sarah

Sarah is our Woodturner and is currently in her second year of her four year apprenticeship training at Peter Hall & Son. The process of becoming a master craftsman requires patience and time. Having come to us with no previous skills and only an artistic desire to learn, we have watched Sarah go from strength to strength, everyday practising her technique and form.

Sarah, Woodturner at Peter Hall & Son

Featured Works

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