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Peter Hall & Son is very much a family business with a team dynamic that works together to supports every member of the business and provide the best customer service. Every member of the team is motivated by the same pride in their work and strives to maintain the integrity of the brand.  The collaboration between our specialist departments offers a unique and vibrant working environment for our staff.  Training is integral to reaching our particularly high standards and we offer apprenticeships in all our making departments. If you have an attitude that pushes you to achieve your best and you work well within a team focussed environment, why not consider working with us.  Available positions are outlined below.  

If you think you would be suited to working in one of our other departments, but we are not showing an available position, please do contact us anyway for up and coming opportunities.

Available Positions

Bud & Appl Vase Collection

Cabinet Maker

Peter Hall & Son are expanding their cabinet making department and looking for a skilled and proficient cabinet maker with at least four years of experience. We are a diversely skilled family business that believes in maintaining the hand skills required to make some of the finest furniture, upholstery and lifestyle accessories in the UK.


Benefits of Cabinet Maker

  • Successful candidates will offer creativity and instructive decisions on making bespoke furniture
  • Working closely with a highly skilled team 
  • The opportunity to be involved in making specialist and highly creative bespoke designs. 
  • Being a part of a long-established and well-respected brand


Requirements of Cabinet Maker

The candidate must be an experienced and competent cabinet maker who enjoys working as part of a small team. Enthusiasm for your craft is essential to deliver high-quality workmanship. Training will be provided on all our systems and machinery so that you understand how the setup works. 

Applicants must be friendly, polite and work harmoniously in a way that benefits the business and the team around them. 

Applicants must be attentive, dexterous cabinet makers to oversee the creation of cabinetry from start to finish. You will be responsible for hand-picking the most suitable materials, constructing, and then applying appropriate finishes. You should ensure adherence to our stylistic and technical requirements at all times. Organisational skills are desirable as you will need to make sure you have everything you need in advance of starting a new project. 

The successful candidate will become a key member of the business so a positive attitude, great team working skills and excellent communication is essential. The company is always evolving and staff must be dynamic and ready to react to the needs of the business.


Essential Skills of Cabinet Maker

The successful applicant must be able to demonstrate that they are skilled and experienced in the following:

  • All cabinet  jointing and assembly, 
  • Drawer making with hand cut dovetails, 
  • Door construction
  • Sanding to a perfect finish
  • Oiling and waxing
  • Reading sheet drawings
  • Creating accurate cutting lists
  • Ordering timber
  • Working both alone and part of a team
  • Pass on skills and advice to others
  • Assist in estimating any new designs
  • Machines including dimension saw, crosscut and rip saw, planer/thicknesser, morticer and tenoner, wide belt sander and spindle moulder.
  • Laminating
  • Working to deadlines with continuous quality checking

Having the following skills would be an advantage:

  • Letter carving
  • Incised and relief carving
  • Veneering both by hand and with a vacuum press
  • Inlay stringing and crossbanding
  • Drying timber in a dryer
  • Shellac polishing


The position will be full time - 40 hours a week 

8:30 am to 5 pm with two 15 minute breaks and a half hour lunch break.


Salary from £24,000 per annum - dependent on experience.

Please send your CV and Cover Letter to .

For more information, you can call us on 01539 821633



Peter Hall & Son are always looking for experienced and competent upholsterers to work in our upholstery department at our workshop in Staveley. We are a diversely skilled family business that believes in maintaining the hand skills required to make some of the finest furniture, upholstery and lifestyle accessories in the UK.


Benefits of Upholsterer


  • The successful candidate will have the satisfaction of running projects from beginning to end with tangible results
  • Solve problems and perform hands-on work on a daily basis
  • Work with some amazing antiques and on unique projects
  • Have a creative license to suggest fabrics and finishes especially when staying sympathetic to the original fabrics and methods.
  • This is an engaging creative outlet for those who enjoy working with fabrics, interior decor, antiques, or other design elements. 


Requirements of Upholsterer


  • Ideal candidates must be comfortable with both traditional and modern upholstery 
  • Have the ability to demonstrate full upholstery skills including
    • Webbing
    • Hand springing with coil springs
    • Stitching horsehair and canvas
    • Cutting foam
    • Creating templates
    • Accurate fabric cutting and pattern matching
    • Piping
    • Experienced use of industrial sewing machines
    • Precise and neat attention to detail
  • In addition, candidates will need to estimate for work and keep to deadlines.
  • Have a polite and friendly attitude is essential 
  • To liaise with clients and work well as part of the existing team.


Hours are 8:30 am - 5 pm with half an hour unpaid lunch break and two paid 15-minute breaks.

If you are interested in working for us please send your CV and Cover Letter to 

For more information, you can call us on 01539 821633

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