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A Classic Cocktail

The Oak Gin Table is designed and made expertly from the best British materials for Britain’s favourite tipple.

The dynamic cultures of Oak and Gin have arguably the most storied past. Their English heritage tells the story of the British aristocracy, class warfare as well as contrasting innovations formed from the industrial revolution.


In the late 19th century there was huge popularity for Gin & tonic and the Arts & Crafts movement. Across the British Empire, gin mixed with tonic became the drink of choice especially in the warmer, tropical countries like India. London Dry Gin with tonic became a must-have item for the British Royal Navy. Gin made for better cargo than beer and the quinine in tonic was said to prevent malaria, which is ideal for some countries that both sailors and the British aristocracy would visit across the empire.


Alongside this was the Arts & Crafts movement. A movement that restored the status of decorative craft and quality materials. It was a reaction to the damaging effects of industrialisation and a chance to reintroduce quality materials sought after for their beauty and uniqueness as well as their practicality. Oak was one such material that was being revived in this movement. Although there are many different types of oak, it was quarter-sawn oak that became one of the hallmarks of the Arts & Crafts style.

Both Gin and Quarter Sawn Oak took a dip in popularity during the mid-20th century but both are back with raring popularity. Unsurprisingly, the ‘Ginnaisance’ this past decade has inspired some to consider their furniture accordingly. The Oak Gin Table was designed for exactly the reason it was named after. Originally commissioned by a customer of ours who wanted a small table to stand next to their armchair for a glass of gin to be placed. Thus becoming an ergonomic and practical design.


Made from solid timber, we use excellent quarter sawn British oak for our Gin Tables. This oak really is the creme de la creme. Quarter-sawn oak is held in high regard by furniture makers for its beautiful grain patterns and stability.

What is Quarter Sawn Oak?

Quarter sawing involves cutting a whole log lengthwise into quarter rounds. The quarter rounds are then cut perpendicular to the growth rings, rotating the length 90 degrees back and forth with each cut. The end result is a feathered or furry grain both beautiful and strong.

The grain lines on the face are straight, tight and run the length of the board. Another exciting and rare figuring of this process is the appearance of medullary ray flecks

Medullary rays are a striking feature. Caused by sap moving through the wood perpendicular to the rings leaving silver or gold ribbons adding character, beauty and uniqueness.

Additional aesthetics include wavy and interlocked grains. Structural benefits to quarter-sawn oak include that it reduces twisting, warping and cupping, holds finishes better, and does not allow liquids to readily pass through it.

A quarter-sawn piece radiates elegance and traditional beauty. The extra work put into it is admirable and the results truly stand out

The Gin Table was designed to complement the Oxford Coffee Table. The sculptural curve in the legs creates an exciting three-dimensional shape and are held together with a complicated lap joint, which gives the appearance of seamless lines whilst offering great stability.

This type of joint can not be achieved on a machine and must be hand-cut with a chisel, primarily, because it’s a joint of two intersecting curves. This level of craftsmanship shows great skill.

The Oak Gin Table uses prestigious materials, finest craftsmanship, great stability and is ideal for Britain’s favourite summer beverage. A graceful sculptural furniture creation steeped in British history.

We are passionate about furniture making and take pride in the exceptional quality of both our design and hand-made manufacturing. As a result, we can only ever create furniture items in small quantities as each piece takes time. 

The Oak Gin Table is available to pre-order now. Limited stock is available. 

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