Bespoke means just for you. The process is simple, the possibilities are limitless.

Complete Bespoke Furniture Service

Our bespoke furniture service brings together the expertise of each of our specialist departments in Staveley, Cumbria to ensure that your every requirement is catered for. The design and making are done in-house to ensure the highest quality outcome and integrity of service.

Bespoke Furniture and Upholstery

Everything cared for

 With four dedicated specialist workshops comprising of bespoke furniture making, antique furniture restoration, woodturning and upholstery, all under one roof, your needs are well cared for.

Everything taken care of in our bespoke designs

Specially Designed

For bespoke furniture designs you will be working with Director Jeremy Hall. With over 45 years of both hands on making and design, Jeremy has a massive amount of experience to draw upon for your projects.

Will Hall is also a qualified designer with BA Hons in furniture and product design.

Supporting British Craftsmanship

Peter Hall & Son have, since the very beginning offered training and apprenticeships to young people. Your purchase not only benefits you but also helps to provide these opportunities for people to learn the skills of craftsmanship that might otherwise die out.

Arts and Crafts Marquetry Rose

Be Inspired

Inspiration can come from anywhere. In fact, it is the things that we interact with and our experiences that shape our taste. Through our preferences of taste we define ourselves as individuals. Combining different elements together to form something unique is what makes design so exciting! We love to work with our customers’ inspirations to form something with real personal meaning, or challenge traditional assumptions to create something extraordinary.

Table and Chairs
Bespoke Wooden Box

So What's Next?

We take care of everything to make the process easy and enjoyable

See the Process

Feel Comfortable in the Process

For some, the idea of making decisions without first seeing the outcome is a daunting prospect. At Peter Hall & Son we make it easy. With a selection of furniture, lighting and accessories available to experience in our showroom, and a large library of past designs to browse through, we can offer a wide variety of ideas to choose from. You may choose to follow a previous design exactly or adapt it to make it your own.

Understanding you

To best design a piece of bespoke furniture, lamp, or accessory we first need to understand its context.  Every element of a design helps to convey a meaning about who we are and what we value, and when done right, these details come together to enhance the experience with it.

Our initial consultation with you will help us to create beautiful designs for you.

Your design. Your individuality

More creative individuals may look to express their own ideas to create something completely unique. With our experience we are confident that we can make your dreams a reality.

personalised marquetry inlay initials bespoke furniture table bookcase
bespoke details


Unique luxury creations are defined by their details. This is both in the design: offering the possibility for uniqueness and individuality; and in the making: every detail thought through to bring absolute integrity to the piece.


Amazing materials are the foundation of amazing creations.  Peter Hall & Son offer a wide choice of British and European, sustainable hardwoods; an array of extraordinary veneers; and numerous other materials including metals, mother of pearl, resins and glass to achieve the unique look you desire.

Designed for you

Every bespoke piece is precisely modelled with the aid of state of the art computer software. We present 3D rendered images which serve to inspire confidence in how the piece will look and work. We work with our clients to ensure that every detail is exactly as they expect.

Bespoke furniture design, Cumbria

Created in-house

Once you are happy with your design, the technical drawings will be assessed by our head makers before being scheduled into our work plan. We create our designs in-house to ensure the highest quality outcome and a smooth process from start to finish.

Bespoke Furniture

Meet your makers

If you wish, during the making process, you can come into our workshops and meet the specialist team making your bespoke piece.  This helps to give a true sense of how handmade our creations are, and the skill and precision involved to get them perfect.


Be inspired by a sample of our previous masterpieces.

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